Friday Confessional

My confession today is that housecleaning is 40% more fun when I can annoy my obnoxious neighbour in the process.

He has this THING where he starts banging our shared wall manically whenever he hears people talking, my cat walking, or papers rustling in my apartment. Whenever he feels justified by the sound of a closet door opening in the still of the morning, he likes to turn up his radios so loudly that people walking by on the street look up. He also likes to stomp up and down his corridor, banging intermittently like a poltergiest when he's feeling oppressed by the masculine footfall of my roommate or the Mister, or when I need to sweep the hallway (barefoot and on tip toes so as not to arouse his terrible displeasure).

What can I say, Life is sweeter since I stopped worrying and learned to roll with the tantrums. My confession is that if I can toss mats across the hallway instead of placing them gently, or drag the recycling and rubbish bins instead of lifting, or clatter the cutlery against the plates on the dishrack - if it makes Mr. Bang Bang apoplectic it make me happy and I'll be supressing a smirk. I'm not sorry.

Do you have a confession to make this week?
or if you prefer to stay remain angelic
Have you ever had an annoying neighbour? How did you cope?


  1. oh we had someone like that in the past place we lived in. she broom handled on the ceiling (she was underneath us) when we had music on once.... it was classical. we just kept referring to her as "crazy lady who lived in the basement".

  2. In university my dorm neighbour would listen to the same britney spears song over and over again with her speakers right next to the wall that my bed was against. It was a pain!

  3. Oh, I knew you would understand Cubsie.

    Post Grad Hair Cut, ug....Please share with me your super power that kept you from going insane.

  4. Maaan...Mr. Bang Bang would drive me Koo Koo!

    I have plenty of annoying and loud neighbors in my time! It is heaven to live in a detached home of my own! It didn't happen until my early 40's though! I do have a tenant though..and he sometimes smokes which i don't gets smelly in my livingroom! Ah well, life is never perfect huh?

  5. I live in a great main floor apartment of a huge Edwardian home that is owned by my friend and her partner (who live upstairs). Their washroom is right above my living room. Besides hearing the toilet lid falling to its position as a seat we hear the cacophony of throat clearing and horking, farting and pissing and of course a plop plop once in a while. The horking is the most poignant and me and my partner have taken to imitating it in secret. We are sure if we were to have a kid and raise it in this apartment its first word would be WHOOARK!

  6. Aaaaaahaha LadeeBee - first prize!

    Hi Tricia, nice to see you hope you stick around here.

  7. Apparently my neighbour was stealing my water. I have a spigot on his side of my house. I got rid of the hose and fill the tape with styrofoam so I will know if it gets used. I also put a note on it that said "Use your own water." I don't actually want to ever speak to them.



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