Damage Control: How to Tiptoe Away from the Smoking Wreckage of your Latest Screw-Up with a Minimum of Harm to Your Reputation

I would like to have this book in my life. Not just because David Eddie is completely charming in interview, or because of his advice to "I skipped my sister's mother-in-law's funeral", or because he's actually laugh out loud hilarious sometimes.

But, like some brethren and sistren klutzes that I know, you might consider me a case study of what happens to your social skills when you weren't invited to any parties in 7th grade (which is kind of a chicken or egg situation isn't it? We have a few theories about this, but the chicken might have been my unfathomable straight-laced demeanour, the result of my party-harder-bohemian-mama & fire-and-brimstone-pentecostal mixed-heritage - probably an entire blog entry on its own).

Anyway I am that weird, shy person who suddenly roars the wrong thing at inappropriate moments at dinner with your mother, or who hides in the bathroom during your friend's cousin's band's raucous gig trying to finish the last chapter of a good book and hoping no one notices. Although I haven't gotten to the Smoking Wreckage stage of screw-ups, fire insurance is always wise.

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