Dance for me! Pictures of a Thorens Movement/Rotational System

I was restoring an old Swiss musical manicure kit and I wanted to share pictures of this one.

She's very beautiful, but she wouldn't spin.

Before I exposed the movement I had never seen a rotation system quite like hers. I'll share some of the pictures I took for my records although it is probably a very common Thorens system. However you don't come across a great Thorens movement very often anymore.

Happy ending: she works now and when her lid opens she dances to the tune The Happy Wanderer


  1. It is so cool that you were able to repair the music box! It's gorgeous too. I love the colors and thepics of the inner workings :)

  2. Jennifer, the patterns of the interior kind of remind me of the color schemes in your knits.

  3. Oh that's awesome!! Thank you :)

  4. Color me impressed that you restore music boxes. Wow. The manicure kit came out so awesome. I once bought a giant bag of vintage music box ballerinas that I am still waiting to use on the perfect project.

  5. Oh my dear Perkins! I wonder about that bag of ballerinas and whether I would recognize them. Emailing you.



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