More Tunes!

More music box tunes arrived today at Tuned Teeth which means more variety, and more music box love and cheers from music box lovers everywhere (wild dancing)!

Available for your crafting and artisan needs: 

and for the holidays (just remember to order these early so that the presents you're making for your loved ones will be ready in time)
If you'd like to hear what these clockwork mechanisms actually sound like (of course you do), take a trip over to my listening page: Listen To Them Play!

My favourite at the moment is the Historia de un Amor. So wistful (I'm actually planning to make a ballerina music box using this one). Which tunes do you like? (just curious)


  1. I just listened to the Historia de un Amor song and it really is beautiful!

  2. I've been looking for a music box pendant but with either the Davy Jones theme from pirates of the Caribbean, or Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera. i think this mermaid locket would be great with Davy Jones Theme.

  3. Listening to your tunes inspire my multimedia music boxes. They are also very precise, note by note. Thank you!



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