CUTENESS and genius resources (non-music box related)

It's hard to restrict my blog to music boxes when there are adorable handmade softies in this world too.

I can't resist sharing these little creatures made by Tiny Warbler. This bunny's tummy makes me ticklish.

There's also a snowy owl. And a wee elephant!

Another non-music box related thing  happened today, which is I had my links put up on the Toronto Craft Alert so, let me take this moment to tell you the Toronto Craft Alert is where you ought to visit if you're in Toronto and make or appreciate handmade goods. It's a genius newsletter and blog that highlights crafty events and resources in the city and nearby. It's where I find out about most of the shows that are happening. They have a mailing list, but I like to visit the site.

I think this is the most beautiful Autumn I've experienced in years. And the sky is bright blue, and my belly is full, and my cat is curled up in a snoozy ball asleep by the window.


  1. thanks for the softie love! i'm glad you like the polka dot fabric too, i have a thing for the polka dots.
    have great weekend!



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