Midnight Roses and "Hart" of Brass

I've made some recent additions to both the Heirloom and Fascination collections at Clockwork Fantastica.

The first was dubbed Midnight Roses almost as soon as it was deemed ready to leave the studio and my favourite features, aside from the charm of the musical element, are the two little abalone-inlaid butterflies fluttering on the hematite plate chain, almost like they're on a vine.

The "Hart" of Brass is a piece of whimsy that I've added to the Fascination collection. I'm one of those city-gals who can't immediately see the difference between a moose's head and a buck - so I wasn't certain when I first held the brass stamping, but the features are very fine and certainly don't look like the back of our Canadian quarter. So I realized that it is in fact a noble deer jutting out his proud nose and antlers.

(I think he has a right to preen though, he is rather dashing.)


  1. I love the Midnight Roses! The butterflies are a great touch!

  2. I have a thing for gardens - I like this one too



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