My name is Ola. I enjoy being creative and I appreciate handmade things. I'm also very interested in vintage mechanica. I spend most of my time running two small businesses. I also work at the public library.

My interest in music boxes led me to begin collecting and working with them several years ago and soon I began to offer music box supplies to other craftspeople too.

In 2009 I began creating miniature music box pendants which I think is a small way to keep enchantment with you (or with someone you love) in a stylish and beautiful way.

You can purchase supplies for your musical boxes, musical bears, and other wonderful arts at my shop Tuned Teeth Music Box Supply.

You can find unique and special music box pendants and musical lockets online at My Secret Music Box.


My work in the library has nurtured an interest in adult and child literacy. Literacy means not only learning to read and express your thoughts through writing, but also being aware of one's rights and understanding communication signals within your society. I hope that it also includes a love and appreciation for books and other forms of written word.

Some organizations doing good work include:

Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy
Frontier College
Each One Teach One" Toronto Laubach Literacy Council

I'm also interested in human rights, particularly with improving the lives of sex workers with the rights-based approach advocated by most sex worker led organizations in the world. Everyone deserves to have his or her voice heard, but people who are sex trade workers are often considered second class citizens in many countries and are the target of violence, hate, stigma, and silencing.

Some good organizations with a rights-based approach to improving the lives of sex work involved women, men and children are:

Durbar India
Maggies Toronto
Zi Teng


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