Handmade Market at the Good Earth last weekend

This is what my booth looked like at the HandMade Market in Beamsville Ontario over the weekend.
The show actually went better for me on the 2nd day, rain and all. I will attribute this to the lights I added to the display on Sunday - plus, I do believe it's a serious and shopper crafts lover who comes to the fair in the rain.

I really like the little cabinet seen in the centre of my display. A lucky find, it suits my miniature music boxes perfectly.

I debuted the little folding heart lockets at the show on Saturday.

This is my point of view - the reverse side of the display
 It was a well organized and very well attended event. It was still hard to balance the expenses of coming from Toronto overnight though.I had some good conversations with some of the visitors. We chatted about clocks, music boxes, and Saturday morning cartoons of the 80's.


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