About a show: The More Than Metal Show

For the past few months I worked relentlessly to put produce a very successful jewellery show here in Toronto.

The show went great, just really tiring. I'm planning on doing it again, but with more help next time for sure. I did all the website stuff, press copy and releases, ad, postcard and poster design, door-to-door flyering (I was really paranoid about getting the word out effectively), getting sponsors, performed the catering etc. etc. OMG.

The funny thing is that the show was partially conceived out of frustration with my experience with a lot of craft shows - I wanted to put on a show that would suit my type of work and others like me, but of course I had no time at all to man my own table. Very ironic.

I only had a chance to take a small handful of photos, but you can see the ones I got with the help of a friend here some photos One of the participants blogged about it too http://sahetahscrazedwritings.blogspot.com/2011/07/more-than-metal-show.html

I mean, everyone looks like they had a good time and all of the written feedback I got from the artists says they had a very positive experience so I'm relieved.


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