Steampunk Music Box by Devil's Jewel (and 5 questions)

I've always seen a connection between the mechanical music boxes that I'm smitten with and Steampunk fantasy. Devil's Jewel (AKA Elaxir) is a designer on Etsy who saw the natural connection too and has made it a reality, creating tiny, exquisite musical boxes inspired by Steampunk. I was graciously obliged with answers to a few of my burning questions about these perfect little marvels.

Why did you choose to integrate music boxes in your work?

A music box is a machine, made of metal, something we are used to seeing as heavy and industrial. However this machine can create music, and this music is unique due to it's mechanical origins. I love when science and mechanics meet art and creativity. Music boxes and vintage analog watches are the best examples of this science-art relationship.

What is the most challenging step in your creative process?

The most challenging step in creating unique items is plenty of small metal parts that need to be firmly attached together. Glue is not always an option, so sometimes I need to use a gas torch and soldering iron, working with them can be tricky.
When do you know a piece is finished?

In most cases I simply rely on my creative intuition. Sometimes I have a clear concept, draw a few sketches and follow it till I'm done.

Do you have a favourite piece?

Yes, my favourite item is actually the first one I've created. A "Happy Birthday" music box for my girlfriend.

Where can we buy your beautiful things?

You can check some of my items at:
or the full collection on Facebook:


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