5 Questions: Interview with Dave of Bix-Reed Handmade

I sat up and cheered when I saw these musical boxes on Etsy, handmade by Dave from Bix-Reed Handmade. Dave makes delightful wooden music box nightlights that incorporate charming retro woodland and nursery images.

They are meant to "keep the bogeyman away", but I think they are also brilliant decor items to light up the dark corners in any space.
I had to know more, and Dave very graciously let me into his creative mind to ask 5 questions.

Squirrel Buddy Musical Night Light by Bix-Reed Handmade

"Why did you choose to integrate music boxes in your work?"

since my night lights are primarily for kids (and adult kids), it just made total sense to add music to them.  my friend, who bought one of the first boxes i ever made, has said it's now turned into a tradition with his 2-year-old daughter: her tucks her in, reads her a story, then clicks on the light.  and before leaving, his daughter always points to the light, signifying she wants the music.  and he's said that the first few minutes of bedtime had been the worst for her.  she was always getting up or getting scared or calling for him to come back in.  now she just listens to the tune and nods off, while he and his wife get some much-needed quiet time.

"What is the most challenging step in your creative process?"

time.  i can only get into the workshop on tuesdays and thursdays.  but once i'm there, i'm just so excited to work on the projects i've been cooking up in my head that everything goes very smoothly.  since time is precious, i don't waste any of it fretting or doubting myself.

Duckie Music Box Night Light by Bix-Reed Handmade

"When do you know a piece is finished?"

this is lame answer, but it's instinctual.  i just know.  there have been plenty of times that i've finished a piece, but something about it just doesn't look right.  and if i don't immediately think 'love it!' then i know i need to rework it.  or shelve it altogether.  but when it works, it works.
Happy Cat Music Box Night Light by Bix-Reed Handmade
"Do you have a favourite piece?"

i love them all, really.  but if i absolutely have to choose i'd say "happy cat." "bedtime bear" is a close second, though.

"Where can we buy your beautiful things?"

right now, only on etsy.Shop: Bix-Reed Handmade



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