This weekend: Make your own music box & the Wandering Winter Craft Show

I'll be running a workshop today to teach 5 or 6 people how to build a real mechanical music box using my DIY Music Box Kit. No flimsy paper strips here, this is the real deal with a mechanical wind up movement at its core. This happens from 2-3 PM at the City of Craft event. If you miss the event you can also pick up a kit at one of my favourite shops, the Wise Daughters Craft Market in the Junction at 3079 Dundas Street West.

 do it yourself music box kit - supplied by Tuned Teeth Music Box Supply Company

THEN on Sunday December 19th, I'll be doing my last gift show of the year at the Gladstone Hotel Wandering Winter Craft Show. The Wandering Winter Craft Show happens from 10-4 PM.This is just down the road from City of Craft and happens at the same time, so it's a good chance to hit two excellent craft shows at once if you're in the neighbourhood.


  1. This music box kit is a terrific idea!! Good way to customize your music box.

  2. Hi! Love your blog! I'm absolutely in love with music boxes right now and was wondering if any of these kits still existed... I live in the Middle East and it's not easy to come across any form of make your own music box or even music boxes for that matter. I would order this if it was still available. Thanks!



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