after packing up and heading back

 After packing up and heading back to homebase when the show was done, instead of relief I felt strangely sad. I think it was like the very mildest sense of 'empty-nest syndrome", because I had worked for months up to the night before preparing to do this show, and when it was done and the laughs were had, the crowds were met and friends made and my little display was finally taken down and carted home, my craftoholic heart said "what next?" And the answer was not "plan, plan, panic, make" - it was "take a rest, the show's over!" I had to recalibrate.

The best part is meeting other creative vendors who I know have been working day and night like myself in putting our stuff out there. It was nice to meet Susan J in person and I do believe I saw the founder of Bust Magazine moseying around. Although I could tell attendance was down, I had a lot of fun at this gig and hope I get a chance to do it again. The Bust Craftacular gets a thumbs up!



  1. Your set up looks amazing! I especially like the opened case, it's so attention grabbing!

  2. Thank you Caro! I lined it with paper that I've been gathering for just such on occasion.

  3. Loving your sweater :) And, don't feel too down ;P

  4. Thanks! I love hearing from you Pattie

  5. Your booth looks so amazing, Ola!



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