The Mystery of the Red Rose Stratton Musical Compact

I just put a vintage Stratton Musical compact up on Ebay, but I don't recognize the tune it plays. I'll post it here just in case any passing Reuge buff can recognize it.

(p.s. I made the recording VERY loud you might want to adjust your volume before clicking play)


  1. Hi Ola! Thanks for commenting on my blogpost, and you are correct-- we are the SAME age (34). :) I was totally creeped out by the song too yet somehow strangely attracted to it. That's kind of the inspiration for my whole shop-- kinda kiddish, kinda creepy. heh. Oh, and btw, LOVE Toronto. We stayed at the Drake a few years ago and fell in love. Come by again soon. xo

  2. The Drake is gorgeous. Next time you should try an art room in The Gladstone down the road too. Happy to make your acquaintance :)

  3. Hi Ola, my wife Iris has the same music box I purchased for her in approx 1960 ! The music has stopped. Do you do repairs please
    Ken Smith
    North Yorkshire . Uk

  4. Hi Ken, The best person that I know to contact for repairs is Don Caine at the Music Box Repair Center. His website and contact information are here:

    All the best,

  5. the tune palyed is the danube



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