It's a spectacularly busy time in the Plucked Pins studio - I see a lot of crafter-types are in the same situation as me - all of us are preparing our goodies for our upcoming holiday shows. I'm also finishing up some custom work and a gift for a new friend in Las Vegas. In between work and family I've been dreaming of mountains.

Oh! I almost signed off without mentioning - my music box pendants are now available on the Tuned Teeth sibling site, Clockwork Fantastica!

And I almost signed off without thanking my friend Mary Goldman for sharing some secrets for enjoying Der Rosenkavalier with one's future-parents-in-law (which is where I've been this past week, visiting my beau). There's always room for learning something new when it comes to music.

Hah, what a topsy turvy entry, for a tospy turvy day.

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