Aging, Changing

I'm intrigued by this blog - which appears to be a long meditation about female beauty and age. It's almost entirely devoted to posting portraits of young female celebrities (artists, actresses etc.) alongside images that show how their appearance has changed after adulthood.

Some of the posts veer off in a slightly different direction - a recent post is about "vintage" celebrities famous for their beauty, alongside modern look-a-likes; another one is about how they've been seen through painter's eyes vs photographers, the rest seem to be entirely about youth, age and what can be perceived as beautiful.

I've been thinking a lot about aging recently and watching my mind and body change.


  1. I checked out that site- WOW! Even though it wasn't in English, I loved the "before and after" photos. Some women really keep their elegance, if not their youthful beauty.

  2. I'll have to visit this site. I've been thinking a lot about aging myself!

  3. Looks like a really cool site! Off to check it out!! Thanks for sharing it. ;)

  4. that blog is incredible, but not nearly as incredible as your new woodland music boxes. i WILL buy one, i swear it. i'm tapped and in constant upheaval lately, but i will do good by what i said.

    you're so talented, lady, fuckin a.



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