World Cup Mural - The 32 Teams

When I got out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York I saw this phenomenal 32-part mural on the outside wall in honour of FOOTBALL WORLD CUP.

There's a frame for each participating country with a painting illustrating the heroes, power & secret weapon behind each country's team and it's all told with anachronistic game history, myth and legend. Good stories - here are some of my favourites - you can see all of them at: The 32 Teams

Most moving? Honduras. Most sly? France - check out Thierry Henry’s left glowing hand.

The Illustrators are the Am I Collective from Cape Town.

P.S. I saw a man walking by touch "Greece" with the palm of his hand, for good luck....Wouldn't you??!?


  1. Those are amazing and so inspiring! I would totally want to touch for good luck. I think that speaks to how amazing they are.

  2. Its been so exciting watching it all on CBC! We are glued to the TV! ;)



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