Queen West Love-In

Gentle Readers! It's Saturday night. I'm finally getting around to sharing some pictures of our day at the Art Crawl. I got a ton of love at my table from people I've loved almost my whole life. Thank you for supporting me! Every couple of hours there would be a familiar face approaching my booth; it made my day when this happened.

Mr Man helped me run things at an even keel, even on Sunday when most of the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood converged on the park towards mid-day, snapping up some of my favourite pieces too.

A lot of people's faces broke into great big smiles and wide eyes when, after approaching my table and looking at the pendants & pins on display they were told "you can wind them up you know - they are mechanical music boxes that you can wear." (Me and the mister joked about a drinking game based on my booth and the phrase "Ahhhh So Cute!!!")

This was my first show presenting my own work - I'm ridiculously happy to say "they love me! they really love me!"

I'm setting up my booth a few hours before the show

A vintage Japanese lacquered music box presents my business cards.
A ballerina music box holds my miniature creations.

Booth D27

My silent familiar looks on from her perch. "chirp"

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